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Avenatti's Case Against Michael Cohen Points to Columbus Nova

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While it may only tangentially involve Daybreak Games, it seems that the case against Michael Cohen via Stormi Daniels' law team, Avenatti & Associates, does indeed involve Columbus Nova and Russian Oligarch   Mr.  Vekselberg  and  his  cousin  Mr.  Andrew  Intrater. In the recently released document (read the whole thing via Dropbox HERE), it points out that Columbus Nova is chief among many of the suspicious and possibly fraudulent financial transactions involving Mr. Cohen.

The press release for the sale of SOE said Columbus Nova, as do the Terms of Service, and Privacy Policies for Daybreak Games. 

As MassivelyOP reported when they broke the story, Daybreak claimed it was not Columbus Nova at all, but instead someone with close ties to the company: "It was current executive chairman Jason Epstein, former senior managing partner of Columbus Nova that acquired Daybreak, not Columbus Nova itself. That distinction was never corrected in the past, so we are correcting that now.”

What this all has to do with Daybreak Games is up in the air, and frankly, their denial seems hard to believe, but we've reached out for comment. But the recent back-pedalling of ownership, rumors of sale, and other such oddities do make for some rather unusual stories floating around the one-time king of MMORPGs.

More on this as we hear back from Daybreak Games.

From the filing:

Chief  among  these  suspicious  financial  transactions  are  approximately  $500,000  in  payments  received  from  Mr.  Viktor  Vekselberg,  a  Russian  Oligarch  with  an  estimated  net  worth  of  nearly  $13  Billion.    Mr.  Vekselberg  and  his  cousin  Mr.  Andrew  Intrater  routed  eight  payments  to  Mr.  Cohen  through  a  company  named  Columbus  Nova  LLC  (“Columbus”) beginning in January  2017  and  continuing  until  at  least  August  2017.  

Columbus  Nova  is  a  private  equity  firm  founded  in  2000  with  over  $2  billion  in  assets.Mr.  Intrater  is  the  CEO  of  Columbus  Nova.Columbus  Nova  is  the  U.S.  investment  vehicle  for  Renova  Group,  a  multi-nationalcompany  controlled  by  Mr.  Vekselberg.    Renova  group holds investments  in  various  interests,  including  mining,  oil,  and  telecommunications.


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