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Avalon Gets $13 Mil Funding Round, Believes Game Developers Are Key to Making the Metaverse Work

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Avalon is a new company that the founders call “a “people-first” studio”. The studio has secured $13 million in funding, led by Bitkraft Ventures to build “a new interoperable universe”. To do this, they've put together a team featuring industry vets that have worked on titles like EverQuest, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Diablo, Call of Duty, Elden Ring, and more.

The company looks to put together another view on the overarching metaverse concept, with a focus on solutions. The company’s CEO, Sean Pinnock, offered a glimpse of what we might expect from where Avalon’s expertise is to be applied.

“We know that engagement is driven through play, creativity, and human connectivity, all critical elements that are severely lacking in most self-proclaimed metaverses, and it’s exactly why the inevitable confluence of tech that will emerge as the metaverse will be built by game developers,” he said in a press release.

 Jeff Butler, a co-founder and president of Sigil Games and former EverQuest Next lead, who is Avalon’s Chief Product Officer, added that “we want to be the spark that will ignite the creation of the worlds that gamers have long dreamed of, with our own unique brand of proverbial glue that is equal parts experience, foresight, and imagination”. It is true that some have questioned so-called metaverse content that wasn't all that interactive, so maybe game devs at the helm is one of the answers.

On a related note, the announcement today also includes that very important funding announcement. Bitkraft has been a key investor in a number of companies working towards newer ideas, including with the goal of interconnected experiences. Among the projects brought to life with the help of Bitkraft are Ember Sword, the MMORPG in development by Raph Koster’s company Playable Worlds, and a project by Lightforge Studios. 

“At BITKRAFT, we choose partners that are rooted in synthetic reality, a convergence of physical and digital worlds that, like the Internet, will introduce new human experiences and unprecedented social and economic opportunities,”  Carlos Pereira of Bitkraft said, according to a press release.

See more over at Avalon.


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