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Automatic Demolition to Return to Final Fantasy XIV

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Automatic Demolition was disabled temporarily on the Aether/Primal Data Centers back in October of 2018 due to Hurricane Michael.  For those that don’t know, or don’t remember, Hurricane Michael devastated Florida as it moved through the panhandle and into Georgia and North Carolina.  Millions of residents were left without power, many without a home.  Square Enix saw this and placed a hold on the Automatic Demolition system to prevent people from losing even more. 

This was a blessing to many, but at the same time a detriment to others.  As you may know, housing in FFXIV is very limited and very competitive.  Without the use of systems such as the Automatic Demolition system, you would never get the chance to own a house.  Whenever new plots of land are put up for sell by Square, they are gone within seconds.  Therefore these systems are absolutely needed to give everyone a chance.

Today it was announced that they will recommence the Automatic Demolition system on Aether/Primal Data Centers!  The announcement stated that it will resume with the release of the 4.57 patch, so sometime late April.

Learn more on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone.

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