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August Was 'Single Best Month' For Crowfall Registrations, Backers and More Per New Q&A

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Crowfall hit beta last month, and the team behind the game took to their latest ACE Q&A to touch on some of the milestones the MMO has hit.

According to Crowfall's J. Todd Coleman, August was the MMO's "single best month" in terms of registrations, new backers, and much more.

"Last Month was the single best month we have ever had for new resgistrations, new backers, total backer dollars, web views, players coming to the game, uniques daily, uniques monthly - across the board it was just the most excitement and activity we've seen since we did the Kickstarter.

Thomas Blair, Crowfall's design director, also chimed in, thanking not jus the new players who have joined up, but also those who have stuck with the game since its Kickstarter years ago.

"I think it's great to see all the new people coming in, and I want to shout out to all of the people who have stuck with us this entire time, because a lot of them are being great mentors to the new people coming in."

Coleman and Blair took to the Q&A to also touch on some of the features and more playuers can expect, as well as answering some questions about the upcoming Guild Alliances feature. Some things players can expect this month are mounts, more optimization passes to the game, and more. The two also previewed briefly one of the dungeons in Crowfall.

The Q&A video, which we've embeded below is about an hour long, but it's definitely worth a full watch. Meanwhile, recently, Red Thomas gave his thoughts on the beta, as well as talked to the team at Crowfall about the MMO they are creating.


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