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Atlas Wipes Servers, Adds New Region, New Wonder, New Monuments to Build, and Seven Mini-Bosses to Beat

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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After delaying the update for a week, Season 9 has officially come to Atlas after a planned server wipe. Season 9 brings new monuments, a brand new Wonder (this time available to all!), and a brand new region, the Golden Age ruins with seven new mini-bosses to take on.

You will want to travel to the new region, sail through the Maw Waters, where you will acquire the new Lantern of the Maw automatically on your ship. You will be able to check the lanterns inventory with your steering wheel and you will have to keep your lantern full. In order to fill your lantern, you'll have to get essence by doing things like traveling, surviving in the Maw, destroying Ships of the Damned, and getting relics.

When you get to the Golden Age ruins, there are seven mini-bosses for you to take on, each with their own inspiration, powers, and strategies.  We introduced them to you here, but they include the Ancient Fire Elemental, the first fire elemental ever created, Kekada, a giant crab that crushes anything it can fit in its claws, to the Sentinel, a giant cyclops being corrupted by tainted versions of the crystals it protects.

When it comes to the new industrial Wonder content, the Industrial Lab is a new tier 2 monument. You can build this one in two stages. Once you’ve gathered the necessary resources and built up the Monument, you’ll have to build four modular room locations that you can choose where to place. You’ll have to build them within industrial shacks within range in order to use them, however. These are the Industrial Structure Studies Station, Culinary Station, Armory Station, and the Industrial Vessel Studies Station. Once you’ve done all of that, say hello to the new Tier 3 monument, the Observatory, which you can build in six stages. You’ll build it within the Industrial Vessel Studies Station. when that is done, you'll have completed the new Wonder, and unlock an Intelligence buff. 

For more on the new update and building the monuments, head to Atlas.


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