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Atlas v1.5 Launches 'A Whole New World of Adventure'

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Cheesy "Aladdin" reference aside, the v1.5 update has launched for Atlas. Developers say that the game "has been revised and re-envisioned" based on a cumulative three months of live feedback since the game launched. It is, according to the Steam post, the largest updates anyone in the company has ever worked on. Notable reworks include the Claim System, changes to official server, an expanded world map, the addition of more islands including a new biome and much more.

Other components of the update:

  • new missions and side quest lines "to uncover the depths of Atlas with new mechanics and items"
  • underwater content and a new Submarine
  • underwater creatures and the Giant Crab
  • an expanded building system with new structure pieces to strengthen battlements
  • turn enemy heads into mementos that can be displayed "the perimeters of Company lands"
  • personnel catapults that can shoot you over the walls of an enemies keep
  • cross the "expanses of ocean beneath the guiding light of the Aurora Borealis and reap the extra bounties"
  • grappling system

Check the full patch notes on the Atlas Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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