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Atlas Update This Week Brings Fresh Start, Seven Mini-Bosses to Challenge, and Much More as Season 9 Opens

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After a one-week delay, Atlas will be getting a new update on Wednesday that will begin season 9 with a fresh start after the server wipe. The new patch includes the discovery of the Golden Age ruins, along with seven new challenging bosses to take on. There's also a new region, potential new trials, and of course a bunch of fixes and changes based on feedback.

There are new locations including the Golden Age ruin Islands there are seven new mini-bosses, each Pi island with its own boss that you will have to find and fight. The team at grapeshot games has also released a video preview showing off these new bosses, Ancient Fire Elemental, Elder Rock Elemental, Kekada, Buwaya, Eber, Crystal Scorpion, and The Sentinel.

The ancient elementals use what’s in their names as part of their challenge. Kekada is a giant crab that was corrupted by the power stone on the island you find it on. Now this giant crab will crush everything it can unless you stop it. Buwa is a huge crocodile based on Filipino myths. If it's if it's you, legend says you're taken to the world of the spirits. Eber is the Boar God, and In your case it will look like a giant feral boar that is rotting and has you as a target in its sights.. Crystal Scorpion is drawn to dark energies and appears only in darkness. 

Finally, the Sentinel is a  Cyclops that protects crystal entities, but has been affected by corrupted crystals. Corruption comes in the form of tainted crystals and the Sentinel himself has also begun to see changes to its form by the tainted crystals.

A new region, surrounded by fog and darkness, and the site of mysterious green fires, is clearly going to be a welcoming land for you to explore.There are mysteries in the Maw Waters and also some new items you’ll want to get your hands on.

There are also a number of bug fixes and changes included in the update, which is set to go live this Wednesday. You can read the full notes over at Atlas.


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