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Atlas Update Adds New Ship, Improved UI, More Resources, and Many Fixes

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 After detailing more of what's to come this year for Atlas, the team at Grapeshot Games also released a brand new content patch. The patch includes new fixes, UI improvements, new content, and a brand-new ship.

The new ship is called the Pegasus and it will allow players to move up to 30 tames across the islands.  The Pegasus is a 5-length ship that you can build in the Advanced Shipyard once you have the blueprints. You'll be able to get those blueprints from shipwrecks. The build will come with six railings that you can eventually use to store five tames each. You'll be able to build this once you have all the appropriate resources and the blueprints and your skills are sharp enough.

Speaking of modular ships, there is a new modular ship UI feature that helps you see where there’s damage or leaks occurring. It's a simple green-yellow-red system (colorblind mode is coming) for good-moderate-poor damage indicators. If any portion of your ship is flashing, that means there's a leak there.

Open Water servers also arrived in this patch, which let you go and traverse through the regions outside of just portals. So it offers you a chance to pass through, as long as you're ready to face the dangers of being in the open sea. Of course, there's also treasure to be found. Depending what cardinal direction you're going through will determine what region you'll end up in on the other side.

There are new resources too, with transient nodes in the form of geothermal vents appearing. They are similar to the Army of the Damned nodes, so they will be around in the same place for a week before they despawn and pop up somewhere else more inland. You'll get a new form of coal from these, Brimstone.

A number of new craftable weapons are in, along with, a new skill called Pirate’s Resilience, which is a passive buff that unlocks when you get the Veteran Explorer quest. Incoming torpor damage will be reduced by 50%.

There's an extensive list of fixes applied in this patch. Since Atlas is in Early Access, development is ongoing. You can read the full patch notes over here on the Atlas site. 


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