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Atlas Unveils New Roadmap to Right The Ship, Shares Details on Xbox Launch

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A news post outlines roadmap details for Atlas, as well as sharing some details for the Xbox launch.

Xbox launch will include:

  • Crossplay support between PC Steam and Xbox players for ATLAS.    

  • Parity between both platforms. Xbox players won't have to wait for updates as they will happen simultaneously with PC    

  • We’ll be working on bringing day one Keyboard and Mouse support for the game, otherwise, it’ll arrive shortly thereafter.    

The roadmap includes several phases:
  • Phase 1: QoL improvements, bug fixes, and performance increases

  • Phase 2: Seas, ships, and sailing

  • Phase 3: skills and combat

  • Phase 4: World, claiming, and tames/creatures

Some details to keep in mind regarding the roadmap as shared by the team:

  • This roadmap will begin after the release of Xbox    

  • We’ll be looking primarily at making tweaks towards the Official Network and Multiplayer modes, but of course, those will still benefit our other game modes and unofficial networks. However, the main official networks are our priority    

  • Tackling bugs and major performance issues will always be an ongoing effort.    

  • This isn’t everything. We’ll be able to reveal more details as we go along, plans can change, and there are going to be more phases but for now, we want to discuss our immediate plans for developing ATLAS.    

Specifically for Phase 1, these fixes include:

  • Fixing speed sails and increasing overall wind speed effectiveness.    

  • Adjustments to blueprint stat rolls and crafting requirements.    

  • Making improvements to logs for companies.    

  • Increasing max stack sizes for certain items.    

  • Removing the negative effects of status effects, including vitamins.    

  • Giving players the option to choose which Kraken to fight.    

  • Reducing the frequency of surface attacks by sharks.    

  • Increasing the treasure map spoil time.    

  • Cargo Container adjustments.    

  • Replacing the text in the game with a universal font style.    

  • Hiding more text behind the “Extended UI” function    

  • Making ladders easier to climb.    

In case you missed the live stream discussing all this, check it out below. For the full details, check out the full post here.

Watch The Future of ATLAS: New Roadmap Reveal from sailtheatlas on www.twitch.tv


Poorna Shankar