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Atlas' Tradewinds Update is Live For Real This Time, Patch Notes Published

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Tradewinds Update for sea-faring survival game, Atlas, finally went live last night after experiencing a short delay for quality purposes. Extensive patch notes were published alongside the update. Here’s what you need to know.

The Tradewinds Update was originally scheduled to go live on Wednesday, April 28. However, this was delayed out for quality purposes. Yesterday, the team announced that the update was ready for primetime,

The team also published some extensive patch notes alongside the update. The big features include a brand new map to explore, new railing modules, and platform saddles. This also includes the namesake of the patch, tradewinds. These are described as predictable sailing routes across the map with the following features:

  • Sailors will be alerted via HUD to Tradewind effects
  • Wind boost will be constant and predictable along Tradewind path
  • An overlay of Tradewind locations can be seen on map when zoomed out

Speaking of the new map, here’s what’s changed:

  • Island Positions have been moved to account for Tradewinds.
  • Harvesting Resources have been overhauled
    • Most Resource nodes now have a chance to give some type of common base resource
    • Examples include Straw from plants, resin from trees, stone from crystal and gem nodes
  • Freeport islands no longer provide metal
  • Grid Specific Settings have been redistributed
    • Freeports are only in the south.
    • Lawless areas now surround Freeports and give common resources
    • Golden Age and Kraken have moved north 2 grids
    • Claim Islands only exist around the edges of the map.
    • "Lawless" Area Claim take up the remaining maps.
  • Weather Conditions and Ship of the Damned have been made more harsh in the north.
  • Server Grid Editor - Data Driven tools for adding Resource Templates and applying them to islands have been added to the Server Grid Editor for use on unofficial servers. Visit the Git project for more information.

For the rest of what’s new in this latest update for Atlas, check out the patch notes in full here.


Poorna Shankar