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Atlas Tradewinds Update Goes Live April 28

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Pirate seafaring survival game Atlas is set to receive the Tradewinds Update this Wednesday, April 28. This includes a wipe and fresh start. Here are the details you’ll need to know in order to prepare for the update.

The update is scheduled to go live at 7p PST and brings with it a wipe. Several features are planned for this Tradewinds Update, including the following:

  • A whole new map to explore, featuring Tradewinds - special waterway canals to get you traveling around the world faster for some high speed action!
  • New Railing Modules - the first line of customizations for the Modular Ships system!
  • Platform Saddles - ride in style while laying waste to your enemies

The post also notes that the team will have more updates en route following this Tradwinds update, but no specifics were provided. Additionally, the Spring Rate-Up event will be extended to run up until the deployment of this Tradewinds Update.

Finally, the post issues a note to owners of private servers. The team will have additional information regarding configurations and recommendations to prepare for the Tradewinds update. However, no timeline was provided as to when to expect those recommendations. It’s safe to say to expect them in the next few days.

A recent Atlas Q&A discussed PvE, game balance, and more. You can check out our breakdown of that Q&A here. And last month saw Patch 523.8 go live which brought several changes to the land claim system, along with various other improvements and fixes.

Meanwhile, check out the trailer for the Tradewinds Update below while you wait for the update to live this Wednesday:


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