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Atlas Team Gives Glimpse into What's Next

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Atlas dev team recently provided additional information on what’s upcoming for the multiplayer pirate survival game. Take a look.

If you recall, the Tradewinds update is the latest update to release for Atlas. It was initially delayed before releasing for real. Following this update, the team answers some questions regarding their overarching goals and expectations, in addition to PvP combat and balancing.

Regarding the goals, the team outlined faster sailing times for those primarily interested in exploration, trade, and raiding. They wanted to pressure players into conflict more often through shipping lanes, thus sparking battles.

PvP combat and balancing is the natural follow up. The team writes,

“We feel that PVP conflict should consist of interesting challenges and opportunities for both sea and land combat.  We want to drive the focus first towards fleet battles and provide ways to effectively defend your holdings with the ships you customize and build.  The ships you build will be able to blockade your island, with your opponents first having to deal with those defenses before they can safely make landfall.  Your fleet will also be your main weapon of attack – both to defeat your enemies blockade and to soften their land defenses.”

The update also touched on content of future patches. The team wants to separate the map into various regions based on geographic themes. Additionally, there’s a system currently being designed for capturing and controlling resource points across the world.

New ship options were also touched, in addition to customizing their ship, new sail types, rowing banks, armor, and much more. The next big update will include two such ship types called the Mortar Ship and the Turtle Ship.

You can check out the full update here.


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