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Atlas Sets Kraken Bowl Dates and Will End Its Current Season on September 21st With Latest Wipe

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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It's almost time again for a server wipe in Atlas, heralding a new season. But before then, the traditional Kraken Bowl has dates.

Those who have been playing Atlas for a while are aware that the Grapeshot Games team will hold periodic server wipes to continue developing the game.  This will affect all official servers on September 21st, with the servers back online after the downtime with a fresh new start for all.

Before then, however, comes the PvP. Kraken Bowl grids will be available from next Wednesday, September 14th, through September 21st when the server goes down for the wipe around 7 PM PDT. Get ready to sail out from Tortuga in any direction you want to across the grid line. The entire zone will be PVP enabled, so if you’re not looking for a fight, you should be aware of just where the grid begins and ends. For those on board to send the server out with a fight, things are nearly there.

The Atlas team is working on getting the game into shape for its eventual exit from Early Access. Expect the patch notes and a look at what’s changing to come soon. Today, the Atlas team did offer one hint at the changes coming, showing a new image with some cannons pointing outwards towards the sea, (and any potential unwelcome pirates).

Both official servers will be wiped during this down time, but unofficial servers won't  need to be wiped at this time. So if you are playing on or running an unofficial server, you may have a little extra time to play on the current build.

With the announcement of the Kraken Bowl and wipe coming, there’s also a new dev Q&A scheduled for Thursday, September 15th, at 12 PM PDT in the official Atlas Discord. 

See the announcement over at Atlas.


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