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Atlas Rogues Hits Early Access Today - Recalls Atlas Reactor Gameplay

It's The Return of a Time Looping Game... Irony?

Steven Weber Posted:
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Last year, Gamigo’s Atlas Reactor shut down, which certainly disappointed whatever fans the game managed to garner in its short tenure on the market. Suddenly, Atlas Rogues was announced, and although it was being slated as a new game, Atlas Rogues brings back that old Reactor feeling, in more ways than one.

Early Access of Atlas Rogues can be purchased directly on their site, and is available on GLYPH, which is Trion Worlds/GAMIGO’s own game launcher. Early access will run you 14.99, which they anticipate will be increased to the “standard” pricing of 19.99, likely upon release.

Thus far we’ve seen some mixed reactions to the game, as players still see similar gameplay, similar cinematics, and very few underlying system changes, but the PvE roguelike nature of Atlas Rogues is purportedly what will set it apart from Atlas Reactor.


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