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Atlas Reintroduces the Uncharted Sea Region, Adds a New Structure, and More Resources in Latest Update

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 The next major update for Atlas add the new structure, Tame Hatchery, a new region, several improvements, and a number of fixes to set the stage for those who want to spend their summer exploring the seas.

The latest region added to the game, Uncharted Sea, is a reintroduction. The tropical islands here will contain rare resources and access to Industrial and Army of the Damned nodes. You'll be able to access the region via portals located in South America and Africa. For those who consider exploring and making their way over there, this is a Lawless region. 

The Tame Hatchery lets you store egg laying tames and when they produce eggs, they’ll go to inventory for fertilization, and if they are fertilized they will be incubated in Hatch directly into the new structure. Food will be stored in inventory but the teams will reproduce and generate Nitro Fertilizer, which will boost your crops. You'll be able to start building the new structure after you obtain Beastmaster 2. among the creatures you can use in the Hatchery are the spider, crab, seagull, penguin, and chicken.

You’ll want to hang onto that Nitro Fertilizer, since it is one of the building blocks of the new resource type, toxic compounds. You'll be able to harvest Toxic Flora from mushrooms in various swamp biomes, Venom  from snakes and scorpions, and craft Toxic Sludge with the fertilizer.

Some of the issues fixed include crashes that occurred on Xbox when tabbing through the menu too fast and another one that happened when changing grids. The Xbox version also got a decrease to island render distance to improve performance.  

You can read the full update notes over at Atlas, including all of the applied fixes across all platforms, and more on the new region and full list of tames for the new structure.


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