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Atlas Reduces Player Character Level Cap in Latest Patch v404.5

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest patch notes for Atlas are here and touch on, among other things, reducing the player character level cap.

The new cap will be 120, reduced from 150. To accommodate players above 120 currently, the patch will force a skill respect. Additional notes include a removal of various blueprints from chests, adding other blueprints to chests, and more. Here’s a snippet, but be sure to check out the extensive notes here.

  • Reduced max player character level cap from 150 to 120.
  • Forced a skill respec for all players past level 120.
  • Offline player character bodies on ships will now stay visible to other players on PvE servers and in freeports.
  • Fixed a bug where offline player characters would fall off ships when transitioning into a freeport grid.
  • Fixed a bug where holding a treasure map on Blackwood would crash the game.
  • Players can now purchase a one time use “Rename Ship Item” from the Cosmetics Vendor for 10k and use it to rename their ship.
  • The Equilibrium buff now properly shows the Stamina Recovery Rate in the Buff Stat Bonuses section of the character screen.
  • Experience points from defeating the Kraken and Snowman have been significantly increased:
    • 40,000 exp for normal mode.
    • 120,000 exp for hard mode.
  • Increased the spawn rate of high tier Ship of the Damned galleons.
  • Increased the damage of certain mount creatures toward players by 30%.
    • Effected creatures include Sheep, Bear, Bull, Horse, Ostrich, Pig, Wolf, Elephant, Giant Crab, Giant Tortugar, Giraffe, Lion, Olfend, Rhino, Tiger.
  • Increased the attack range of certain mount creatures by 10%.
    • Effected creatures include Sheep, Bear, Bull, Horse, Ostrich, Pig, Wolf, Elephant, Giant Crab, Giant Tortugar, Giraffe, Lion, Olfend, Rhino, Tiger.
  • Changed torpedo crafting cost to 28 metal ingots, 60 gunpowder, 40 blasting powder, and 100 mythos.
  • Torpedos are now fireable by NPCs from the helm/Lieutenant’s Podium (so long as that player has Torpedo Studies unlocked).
  • Reduced the travel time required before torpedo damage becomes active from 3.75 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • Increased grenade damage vs. puckles and swivels by 100%.
  • Increased grenade damage vs. structures by 170%.
  • Reduced max handling sail acceleration stat cap to 125%.
  • Fixed certain edge cases where cannon carts could be fired while in water.
  • Kraken, Snowman, and monstrous whale encounters now have a chance to drop items.
  • All loot tables now have a chance to drop an already-crafted version of an item rather than just the blueprint.


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