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Atlas Receives a Turtle Ship in Latest Patch

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Atlas, the sea-faring pirate-themed survival game, has received an update which introduces a turtle ship which brings several new defensive options to the high seas.

The Turtle ship brings with it armored plates, armored canopy railings, and a dragon figurehead. This figurehead breathes smoke as well which you can use to create a smokescreen. The cost for the ship is 22,000 gold and 150 chitin. It carries 20 standard cannons and has a max level of 60.

Spider mounts can now climb vertical surfaces. If you recall, Spider mounts were teased previously by the team, to which the community had some words. Climbing will require stamina. Once the stamina is gone, yeah you’ll fall. However, spiders have been buffed to move faster and jump higher than previously.

The Atlas update also brings several bug fixes including:

  • Fixed multiple instances in which character progression was rolled back
  • Fixed instances in which certain fertilized eggs would crash Xbox users
  • Fixed instances of circumventing company joining cooldown
  • Fixed a bug where certain modules could not be painted
  • Fixed a bug where cannonballs and mortar shots were not visually exploding
  • Fixed a bug with the ballista inventory
  • Single Player: Fixed instances in which shipyards and armored docks were disappearing
  • Fixed a bug with modular ship sailing physics for smoother visuals while sailing

You can read the full patch notes here. Previously, Atlas received the Mortar ship which you can read about here.


Poorna Shankar