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Atlas Reactor Closing Down on June 28th

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Atlas Reactor team has announced that the game will be closing for good on June 28, 2019. As of today, all purchasing has ended and new "ways to acquire products that were previously for real money purchase". XP, Flux and ISO rates have also been turned up "dramatically". Servers will remain online through June 28th and anyone who logged in on or after January 1, 2018 will receive a "small parting gift" at the registered email address.

Mervin Lee Kwai, Vice President of Development at Gamigo and Trion’s former Chief Product Manager: “Atlas Reactor was a truly innovative game built by a passionate group of highly skilled developers. I was lucky enough to watch our team breathe life into the world of Atlas on a daily basis. They broke the mold of same-y games, and a dedicated community rallied around the title. Despite the support of this great group of fans, Atlas Reactor never grew big enough to fund its continued development. It’s a shame to see this chapter come to a close, but perhaps we’ll have a chance to revisit the innovative spirit of Atlas in the future.”

Read the full notice on the Atlas Reactor site.


Suzie Ford

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