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Atlas Rapid Fires Hotfixes to Fix Crashing Post v517.5 Update

Release the Patches!

Steven Weber Posted:
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On December 10th Atlas released a new patch with, among other fixes, a winter themed event. Unfortunately, several crashes that plagued the game post-release of v517.5 had players up in arms, but the team at Grapeshot games implemented fixes quickly, and gave notice to players that ran into trouble.

Despite the fixes implemented some players are still reporting other problems, as to be expected, as Atlas is still in Early Access, but at least for the moment, crashes due to something so simple as changing keybinds or searching your craftables tab is no longer something players should worry about.

The hotfixes are outlined below:

518.7Bug Fixes for the following issues:

  • Changing your keybindings causes the game to crash when you log out and log back in.
  • Atlas Map and the one used when respawning are black.
  • Searching Craftables Tab Crashes Game

Fixes 517.6 and 517.7 fixed server side issues, some of which resulted in players unable to spawn in beds. Atlas is still attempting to sail itself to release as they implement multiple hotfixes and patches. Grapeshot Games has already have already bypassed their intended target of a 2020 release, as they only intended to be in an Early Access state for 2 years according to their Steam FAQ.


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