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Atlas' Ramming Ship and Holiday Patch Now Live

Bunch of festive items

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest patch for Atlas, Bradford’s favorite game, has gone live and includes a Ramming Ship and Holiday update.

The Ramming Ship can be had by visiting the Ship Salesman. Locate him and find the Ramming Galley which is the new ship. It features rowers, 20 cannons, and a ram, of course, which deals a bunch of damage.

The Ramming Galley is actually the first ship utilizing the latest ship system. As such, it will function and behave slightly differently. For examples, you may notice holes in the ship as the ship becomes damaged and starts to break apart. Here are the stats for this ship:

  • Cost: 22,000 Gold
  • Weapons: 18 Standard Cannons, 2 forward-facing Large Cannons
  • Special Features: Rowers, Ram
  • Max Level: 60
  • Sail Points: 4.0
  • Repair Resource: Patch Kit

The patch also outlines the winter event which includes several items like two new hat skins and seven new items which will be available for you to craft. Note, these will be available to craft for a limited time. These items include the Christmas tree, festive lights, holiday gift, sleigh, snowman, stocking, and wreath.

You can check out the full patch notes here.


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