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Atlas Q&A Talks Optimization, New Ships, More

Plus devkit updates, structure limits on ships

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The most recent Q&A for Atlas takes touches on optimization, new ships, and more.

The question around optimization was pretty straightforward, asking when players can expect some improved performance. The response stated,

“That is in the works.  As we head towards 1.0, things should get better.”

Additionally, regarding new ships, it sounds like a new, “more optimized” system is in the works. Once that’s done, new ships will be on the way. The team is also considering an option to seat and unseat crew from cannons and sails via the radial menu,

“That is something we are currently considering.  The realism of NPC's and NPC management is front of mind with respect to ships, but nothing firm has been decided.  All I can tell you is that we don't like how stiff they are either.”

The question and answer blog also touched on adjusting the 120 level cap on creatures due to breeding,

“Right now, we are focused on putting more fun stuff on the water and encouraging players to play around there more.  So, for now, I'm afraid this is a "no". Hang in there, though. Again, we’d like to emphasize that the changes we are making now are really the foundation for changes planned for the future.”

The blog touches on balancing Drake, using freeports as safe storage, devkit updates, increasing structure limits on ship, and more. You can read the full blog here.


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