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Atlas Q&A Reiterates Focus on Bug Fixing and Optimizing Before Adding New Features

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent Atlas Q&A reiterates that the game still has bugs and optimization to focus on before adding new features.

The information arrived in a couple of questions asked by the community. The first question revolves the ability to “create offspring” as was revealed when the game was first announced. The team replied that they want this, but,

“…but we think it's fair to say that this is a long way off. Atlas has many bugs and systems that need to be optimized / improved. Once we get that down, we can expand into this kind of territory. “

The same goes with underwater ships to add a new dimension to combat,

“There are lots to fix and improve in the main game before we expand to this. Right now the team is focusing on getting a solid base of fun coming from the existing game with a larger number of players playing.”

To that end, the Q&A is accompanied by the State of the Game which states that the Ship of the Damned issues are currently being worked on. You can check out the full Q&A right here.


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