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Atlas Provides 2022 Roadmap as Part of Transparency Initiative

Steven Weber Posted:
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What is Atlas up to in 2022? If you’ve asked yourself that question, Grapeshot Games has the answer in the form of a short roadmap video, depicting what players should expect in the coming year. They have also provided a quick overview of what changes went into place in 2021. Let’s see what we have to look forward to in Atlas this year.

Altas is a sea-faring MMORPG that has been in early access since 2018, where they professed their desire to move out of the early access phase within 2 years. Now, Atlas is still aiming to push out of early access, and the latest 2022 roadmap is their way forward.

Grapeshot games is also determined to show their community that they deserve better transparency. To that end, and in the name of transparency, the 2022 roadmap is part of the initiative to give players more information on the teams development cycle.  

As we sail deeper into 2022, we are continuing our initiative of higher transparency with our amazing community. Today, as part of these efforts, we are providing a short video detailing our roadmap for the coming year. In the video, we lay out our plans for new content, new player experiences, and pending move out of early access!

– Grapeshot Games, Atlas

The video touches on each of the features that Atlas hopes to expand on. Here is a short bullet list from their official article.

  • Ships
    • Creating a building experience similar to the legacy ships
    • Increasing the diversity and ability of ships
    • Upcoming “ship in a bottle” system
  • PVP balancing
    • Structures for building harbor defenses
    • Structures that prevent others from building in your territory
  • Tame adjustments
    • New ship for tame hauling
    • Tame houses geared towards completing tame bloodlines
    • More water tames
  • New interactions and mechanics
    • Visiting NPC vendors
    • Laying temporary Tradewinds
  • Increased our communication with the community via our official Discord
  • Expanding the world with new additional islands, regions, and adversaries
  • … and so much more! This isn’t a complete or final list, but only a preview of the direction we are taking!

Atlas is currently available on Steam, and access can be purchased for nearly $30.00 USD. You can also play Atlas on Xbox One/S|X.


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