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Atlas Patch Updates Mortar Ship and Squashes Bugs

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ahoy, mateys! The latest Atlas patch has sailed into port and brings several updates to the Mortar Ship in addition to squashing several bugs.

The new Mortar ship was added as part of the recent patch 526.08, and is said to be similar in size to the schooner. It includes two mortar types with the intention to deal great ranged damage. Resource cost for the mortar ship include 22000 Gold, 200 Gunpowder.

Since then, the team have tweaked it with the following updates as part of this latest patch:

  • Mortar shot direct damage has been reduced
  • Sail locations have been moved on the ship so they do not block off parts of the ship anymore
  • Ship points have been reduced from 4 to 3
    • You can now use medium and small sails instead of large and small sails

The patch also includes a bunch of bug fixes such as:

  • Fixed inconsistent spawning of the Ghost Ship
  • Rowing and Torpedo modules are now able to be crafted with the appropriate skills
  • Fixed instances of Islands not respawning resources
  • Fixed instances of tax house not collecting gold
  • Fixed instances in which dropping inventory on armored docks would have unintended effects
  • NPCs will no longer stop manning sails after switching grids while sailing a modular ship
  • Fixed instances in which modular ships were not being protected in armored docks
  • Fixed instances in which Sperm whales were not spawning correctly
  • AOTD will no longer spawn in buildings
  • Single player data deletion

You can read the full patch notes here. In case you missed it, the Atlas team provided a glimpse into what’s next for the pirate survival MMO.


Poorna Shankar