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Atlas Patch This Week Will Bring Claim System to Lawless Regions

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Atlas patch this week aims to being a new claims system to the lawless regions of the game.

In a recent post and Q&A, the team outlined what this new system will entail. You’ll soon be able to claim land in lawless regions by utilizing a claim tower. This tower will claim everything in its radius, but only after it reaches full health which takes roughly 45 minutes. You can speed this up with gold.

The new update will also make your structures vulnerable to be claimed by others. You can claim armored docks like this too, which includes any ships docked. There will be no server wipe during this update.

Additionally, the team published a new Q&A which covered off a host of topics like the team’s plans for island defense, cannonball physics, and more PvP ship options. On that last one, it seems like the team does indeed have more ship options planned,

“One of the goals of the new ship system is to provide players with more meaningful choices when constructing ships. As we expand the system, players will need to decide which pieces will provide the most value for their strategy. We intend to provide a variety of equally viable options that expand the meta and support a variety of playstyles.”


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