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Atlas Opens Four New Official PvP Servers and Fixes Glitches from Crashes to Missing NPCs

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Atlas is getting a brand new patch today, that will fix a whole slate of issues, add some new quality of life changes, and open up four new 3 V 3 official PVP servers.

The new servers will open up in North America and EU, with three of the new PVP servers opening up on the North American side. They will be Variant 4 and have a brand new map layout. What this means is as follows:

  •     Mixture of Tropical, Desert, Temperate, Polar and Equatorial biomes.
  •     One home server which includes a lawless Freeport island.
  •     One grid containing a Golden Age Ruin island and a Trench (lawless!).

The rest of the update is mostly concerned with bug fixes and issues like crashing and missing assets or looped glitches. Among these getting fixed are encroachment issues with structures like the barn, quarry, and warehouse. These will be fixed so that you can place them more easily. A number of crashes that happened  under certain circumstances, like when selecting a different world, are also getting addressed here.  Other fixes involve stuff that's missing when it shouldn't be, including NPCs.  If you went looking for the seed vendor NPC on a variant 1 server recently, it may have been gone.

There are also improvements that are not related to ongoing known bugs. The tame claim timer on PVE servers is getting extended to 10 days and the decay timer on campfires will be reduced to 10 hours. Other related changes include tames that are equipped with cargo saddles can't be manually unclaimed. And player and tame collision on holiday lights won't happen anymore. Because it's cold in much of the world right now, Atlas will now add some hyperthermal insulation to cloth armor to keep everybody warm.

You can read the full patch notes over at Atlas. 


Christina Gonzalez

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