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ATLAS' New World Map Deploys in July

On PC and Xbox One

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Atlas is receiving a new world map in July on both PC and Xbox One.

The world map has essentially been redesigned to “intensify the fun” at higher difficulty levels, while making the seas a bit safer if you’re lower level. While we don’t have a date, the team says to expect the map sometime in the first half of July on both PC and Xbox One.

Additionally, the team notes that they will begin focusing on PvP while looking to separate PvE into “something else.” As such, NA PvE will be taken offline, which will make the EU PvE the official PvE server for the interim. As to when this will happen, no dates were provided.

The team closes by noting they have further plans for trade winds, farms, warehouses, and more. We’re not sure what the details are for these plans yet, so we’ll have to wait and see when such information is shared out.


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