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Atlas Enters an Era of Industrial Exploration With New Season and New Wonder Coming

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Atlas enters a new era with the recent release of the Industrial Exploration patch. This update lays groundwork for the new season and an upcoming Wonder, but also fixes a number of issues, adds new regions to explore, as well as unlocking resources and craftables.

The update has added the Industrial Generator to build, which will change resources so you can use them in their modified forms. With the generator comes new wall variants. By using the generator, you can obtain Sulfurized Stone and Oricalchumized Stone and then turn them into new walls. Old recipes are also able to be modified to improve them, especially large stone walls and Gates that include orichalcum ice or sulfurized stone finishes. Walls and gates made with these new materials will have increased damage protection, whether from impact or explosive damage.

You can build the Industrial Generator after it's unlocked in the Metallurgy skill. Once you have the required resources you can build it and also use a number of rituals that will help you get what you need. If you burn pure sulfur in the generator, rock harvesting nodes will only drop sulfurized rock for a bit. You can also do the same by burning orichalcum and getting orichalcumized rock. If you burn brimstone, this will make sulfurized and oricalcumized walls and gates have special buffs for a limited time.

There are a number of wall and gate recipes that will be suitable for your needs and building defenses.

Also in the new update are additional regions to explore in The Atlas: Trackless Waters and Unknown Depths. In these areas you may be able to find remnants of industrial machinery in these waters.

The update also fixes a bunch of issues including glitches, features not working correctly, typos and text fixes, and also adjusted the UI and item descriptions.

For the full update, see the notes over at Atlas.


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