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Atlas Developers Update the Community on Adjustments to the Claim System

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Later in March, Atlas developers will be deploying a major update to the game that will make some fundamental changes to the game. In the latest Captain's Log, the community is updated on the progress and informed of some adjustments that have been made as development has progressed. Claims, in particular, will be tweaked again after the community spoke out about previously announced changes. "The overwhelmingly clear message was a desire to retain some form of a claiming system."

With the Mega March update, the claim systems on PvE will change from being lawless-esque servers to the following:

Use the same claim system as PvP, but remove the raidable hours and war aspect. This means that players will be able to claim islands, and anyone can build on those settlements. Each settlement will have an upkeep cost which is based on a variety of factors such as the islands ranking, the number of settlements that company has, and how many different companies are building on the settlement. Settlement owners will be able to set a tax rate, and also players will be able to place their player run shops on the claimed land.

PvP Claim Changes

We’ll also be adding some new options along with changing how cannons are used during raidable/wartime hours.

The team also provides the first details about a new exploration objective for players in the form of "procedurally generated shipwrecks" that will come with unique looks and a chest of goodies "which will vary based on the shipwreck".

The first piece of the March update will be deployed later today and "will contain a massive overhaul to the way items are replicated on our networks" that should result in a significant performance improvement. Players can also look forward to the Peg Leg and Hook Hand to make an appearance as well.

Check out the full post on the Atlas site.


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