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Atlas Developer Q&A Day 6 Addresses Server Merge and PvP Balance

Or, at least they attempted to address them

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In the latest Ask a Pirate Day Q&A, the Atlas developers answer a number of questions, and tease a ship with a bright gold Kraken figurehead. Some interesting questions were addressed, such as the team’s thoughts on merging servers, or creating a mega server, and if they have any updates on balancing PvP.

 The Q&A was short, but there were some questions of note. Below are a few cherry-picked questions, but those interested in reading the entire Q&A should check out the full post:

Q) Does the dev team have any thoughts on merging EU and NA pvp or maybe merging all of the servers to make 1 big megamap?A) Yeah. We understand that this would be a lot of fun from the perspective of increasing the populations, but we're not ready to do this yet for two reasons:We are concerned about lag when people are playing in distant servers (we locate the servers near where people are playing, so EU servers are in EU and any NA players going to those servers would suffer more lag).There would always be a time when roughly half the population would be sleeping and thus easy pickings. Overall, we think that this will add to frustration until we have implemented ways of players protecting their stuff when offline.Q) When can we expect more pvp balances to come?A) It would be great if players could provide a detailed list of changes they would like to see in the Discord channel. We have a long list of things we're fixing from the old team and putting a complete and forward thinking list up in the discord channel is the single best way to be heard. This goes out to all our players, not just Official PVP. ?? (For example, last week’s survey was based on a compiled list of player concerns)Q) Any ETA on some bug fixing and stability patches?A) We run patches roughly every 2 weeks. There are a number of fixes associated with each patch so we are doing this constantly. If your particular issue isn't being surfaced, please join our discord and let it be known there.- Answers provided by the Atlas Team

You can also check out some of the previous Q&A’s that Atlas has held, as they continue building towards the full release of their Early Access title.


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