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Atlas Delays Tradewinds Update, Shares Instructions for Private Server Owners

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Atlas was supposed to receive the Tradewinds Update yesterday. But, it looks like it’s pulled a Quantum Break and was delayed while the team sorted out quality. Here’s what you need to know if you were awaiting this update.

We previously reported on the Tradewinds Update which brought a whole new map, new railing modules, and platform saddles, among other updates. You can actually read about the update here, especially since it’s now been delayed.

The team posted a notice on Twitter notifying the community of the delay:

“Although originally scheduled for later today at 7PM PDT, we will be postponing the Trade Winds patch to verify the quality of the update. Meanwhile, we will provide the Patch Notes later today along with an updated release time. Thank you for your patience.”

However, they had noted previously that they would publish instructions for those owners of private servers. Those instructions were not delayed and are available here. They posted a short update on Steam regarding these instructions for private servers,

“For the most part, existing private servers should still work "as-is" once the update occurs. However, existing map images/assets need to be changed from jpg to PNG, either manually or by re-exporting from the SGE.

If you need further assistance, we will be providing detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructions a little later. Thank you for your patience and we can wait to sail the Trade Winds with you soon!”

In other news, a Q&A last month revealed details about PvE, game balance, and much more.


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