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Atlas Begins Kraken Bowl Next Week, With Next Server Wipe Coming May 18th

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For those who have been enjoying the current development phase of Atlas’ early access, The Industrial Season, the team will be wiping the servers next month ahead of a new season.

Atlas is still in ongoing development, and the devs are always clear that anything could change while work continues. That said, this announcement gives plenty of time for all to get things in gear and wind down what they’re doing before the end of the current season. That date is May 18th, when the servers will also be wiped. These major updates and wipes are part of the process as the game moves towards leaving early access into a stable release later in the year.

With May nearly here, there are some final fun events and things on offer before the changes ahead. The Kraken Bowl this time will feature its own dedicated grid. Running from May 4-May 18th, the Kraken Bowl will have something for both the PvPer and the more PvE-oriented. Get there by setting sail out of Tortuga and cross the grid line. Then, it will be up to you and your crew if you’re looking to wind down the rest of the season with some friendly competition.

The Kraken Bowl is one of the ongoing ways the team likes to wrap up before a server wipe. Whether you’re new to Atlas or a returning player that has been through a Kraken Bowl or two, if you’re looking to do just that and test your skills, here’s the latest edition.

However, having PvE options even in the community’s season ending big event continues to reflect some of the opening of Atlas to more players. The Atlas roadmap from last month details more of what’s to come, including ongoing PvP balancing, more building options, improvements to modular ships and more. 

For details on the server wipse and event, see the announcement here.


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