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Atlas Adds New Small Company PvP Server and Xbox-Only Server To Broaden Opportunities

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Atlas has a brand new update that launches several new ruleset servers in an effort to broaden opportunities for different parts of the community. Expect an Xbox-only server, an official small company PvP server, and a new map, fresh standard PVP server.

Having a multiplatform release can sometimes be a little lopsided. Some Atlas players on Xbox felt at somewhat of a disadvantage.  The addition of a new Xbox only server should help some console players feel a little more that they're playing on even ground. if you want to play with others on pc, all of the other servers remain cross platform. 

The way the game feels is also important in PvP. Grapeshot Games took three otherwise low popular servers and repurposed them into their new ruleset servers. Addition to the Xbox only server, one of the servers has a limited company size limit of 10. This very limited size is designed, again, to help some players not feel at a great disadvantage. 

The team is working overall with seeing how shorter, and more focused PVP, works for the greater community.  With this in mind, the small company server will help because of the size limit, you don't have to worry about getting overrun by a company four times your size. The cap in place is small enough to be manageable for even small groups, and even for solo players looking for groups. There are no alliances permitted on this server.

All of the three new ruleset servers are freshly wiped and have all new map layouts as well. They are:

Variant 5 Information:

  •     Mixture of Tropical, Desert, Temperate, Polar and Equatorial biomes.
  •     One home server which includes a lawless Freeport island.
  •     One grid containing a Golden Age Ruin island and a Trench (lawless!).

For more on the patch, and the design decisions before it, you can read the full update notes over at Atlas.


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