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Atlas Adds Lunar New Year and Valentine's Items, and Fixes Some Ship and Crash Issues

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Early Access development continues for Atlas, and Grapeshot Games has its first update of the year today. Look out for Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day themed items, and a number of bug fixes and quality of life tweaks.

If you wondered why some ships were sinking too fast after being repaired, it wasn’t a scheme, but a bug, which has been fixed in this patch. Other water and ship-related fixes include making sure ships stop clipping into the ground in shallow water, causing those ships to move onto land.  Finally, ships  that gridded at the same time were loading onto the new grid on top of each other.  Ships shouldn't be on land or on top of each other, so the team has fixed both of these issues.

Overall, this is an in-between patch, where the Atlas team  is fixing issues and adding some new content that should last for some time until the overhauls and restarts return. For now though, feel free to celebrate, because Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day items are now available from holiday vendors. The items include a paper lantern, three new rabbit statues in stone, jade, and gold, three giant teddy bears and a heart cannon skin.

Speaking of cannons, those who play on Xbox are still unable to reload their mounted weapons. This includes cannons, ballistas, and more, but they are on the list of known issues, so the team will work on that.  Joining the list of known issues on Xbox is a crash when scrolling through the menus too fast. and unfortunately, some Xbox players can't purchase or use some of the holiday items.  

On all platforms, the rabbit statues currently lack collision, but since the Lunar New Year is upon us, it makes sense that they are adding them to the game anyway in case you want to celebrate or you just really like rabbits. 

Read the full patch notes over at Atlas.


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