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MMORPG.com's Grant Henderson writes this look at Diecide, a game that didn't leave him wanting more.

The name of this game is not in the Nietzsche concept of "God is dead and we have killed him." No, it's more of the "We killed God, buried him in the backyard next to the gardenias and oh shit, I hope no one finds out" kind. With a name likeDiecide (The act of killing a being of a divine nature), you'd hope the game would at least have some sort of god theme going. Alas, it did not. A quick gander at the creation myth on the official website left a little to be desired. I don't hold this against the game makers; not every one can have the deep background already built up like the Warhammer Fantasy universe. At this point in this hopelessly flooded market of almost non-playable MMOGs, trying to do something original story-wise runs into the "Simpsons did it" problem: All the good and decent ideas are already taken.

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