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Astellia's Steam Launch Off To A Rocky Start As Game Listed As DLC, Devs Aware And Are Working On Fix

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Earlier today, Astellia Online hit Steam, bringing the MMORPG to a new platform and group of gamers. However, it hasn't been without issue.

The Steam listing was posted earlier this morning, however it was added to Steam as essentially DLC. Per Steam's policy, DLC doesn't apply to Valve's normal refund policy which allows consumers to refund a game within 14 days if they have under 2 hours of playtime. 

As a result, players who bought Astellia on Steam have noticed that they cannot refund the title currently should they choose to do so. This obviously is an issue as it removes any rights consumers have to their purchase on the platform. However, according to Barunson E&A, restricting refunds was not intentional.

We reached out to Barunson E&A for comment on this matter, to which they told MMORPG that the team is aware of the issue and is working with Valve on a fix.

"We're actively working on getting that sorted with Steam," Cliff Wilson, Baruson's Community Manager told us via email. "Essentially there is a bit of a conflict with one of the policies regarding DLC's that is preventing players from refunding. This is of course not what we intended, and are in contact with them to find a solution. We don't have an exact ETA on when, but rest assured we're working to adjust it to fall in line with the normal refund policies Steam players are familiar with (14 days / under 2 hours played)." 

For now, Astellia is aware of the issue and is working with Steam to get this fixed. We'll update this story with more information once it becomes available.


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