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Astellia Team Details Western-Specific Changes

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Astellia team has posted a lengthy article on the official site to lay out the details of changes being made to the game to better suit western audiences. "Making changes to something as complex as an MMORPG can be difficult. Even a minor adjustment can affect many aspects of a player's experience." the blog reads.

However, difficult doesn't mean impossible and there are a number of changes western players can expect:

  • removal of pay-to-win mechanics from the cash shop
  • combat improvements including the removal of "rigid animation" and the addition of resource regeneration and many others
  • tweaks to group play such as shared quest credit, gathering improvements, etc.
  • voice overs for western players and localization in EN/DE/FR
  • removal of gender locks

Read all of the details on the Astellia site.


Suzie Ford

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