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Astellia Spring Event Now Live

How to participate, plus rewards

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Astellia Online’s Spring event, dubbed Spring is Coming, is now live.

The event is set to run through March 17 before maintenance takes place that day. The event will occur in the major cities in all regions of the game. Here’s some additional information on how to take part,

  1. Accept quests (3 types of daily/weekly quests) from NPCs for events in Meiville (Ragferant), Frel Village (Randeilo), Ivera Fortress (Lentuth), Almantin Village (Athlon)
  2. Complete the goals for each quest (finish scenario or legendary dungeon)
  3. After completing each quest, complete the Event by talking to the Event NPC

Rewards include the Early Spring Scout current from the quest. You can then use this currency at the Coin Exchange Vendor for any of these items. Note that the max number of purchases completely depends on the type of item. Notably, more expensive items have fewer max purchases than cheaper items.

Astellia Online hit Steam recently and you can check out our developer interview on that here. That Steam launch was not without issues, however, as the game was actually listed as DLC.


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