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Astellia Provides Compensation for Database Error

Check your Coupon Box

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you experienced the database error for Astellia on December 26, compensation is en route.

The compensation was announced earlier and includes the following:

  • Dungeon Ticket x 10
  • Special Cuisine Package x 10
  • Norden's Favor(1 Day) x 1
  • Karza's Guile(1 Day) x 1
  • Niar's Passing(1 Day) x 1
  • Star Caller's Blessings(1 Day) x 1
  • 900 Zender

As a note, the compensation will be sent to your coupon box. Once there, you’ll need to make sure you click the Receive button within seven days after maintenance on the Coupon Box. In recent news, a new patch will let you dismantle mounts. A bunch of skill rebalance were also introduced for Warrior, Assassin, Archer, and Mage.

Archer rebalances include:

  • Rising Moon’s cooldown: 18 seconds -> 22 seconds; Does not knock down enemies anymore.
  • Hammer Shot’s cooldown: 22 seconds -> 90 seconds.
  • Vitality’s cooldown: 600 seconds -> 180 seconds.


Poorna Shankar