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Astellia Previews June 9th Update Removing Some Daily Quests

No more boss weeklies either

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Daily quest and weekly quests are getting removed and changed in some areas in the latest Update Preview for Astellia’s June 9 release.

Hunting quests in Greleaf, Rag Rock, and Astara will see changes. Quests will merge to the Scattered God’s Fragment weekly quest. Additionally boss quests in Greleaf, Rag Rock, and Astara will be removed outright. Moreover, bosses will become stronger.

Speaking of bosses, once a boss is downed, rewards will be distributed equally. Also, weekly boss quests will be removed. Additionally, if you have a low grade, you’ll still be able to receive good Deck effects. This means the Deck effect point increase will occur dependent on Astel Grade level.

In recent news, the Tulie patch for Astellia hit last week which brought with it several tweaks to gameplay. Stat changes were also brought about specifically for Gladiator, Assassin, Phantom, Avenger, Bounty Hunter, Hawkeye, and Ranger. The gameplay changes brought about by that patch included:

  • Players can access the Tulie’s Main Quest after completing Miodan’s Main Quest
  • Enjoy the story of Virgo, the Keeper of Stars, and Euria’s tragedy
  • New fields and dungeons are added.
  • The playstyle of Tulie’s new field(s) will change depending on the day of the week
  • New Astels ‘Virgo, the Successor of Stars’ and ‘Corvus of Purity’
  • The above Astels can only be obtained for a limited time in Tuile
  • Players can obtain Tier 2 Equipment and enhanced Karza Treasure by continuously playing in Tuile


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