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Astellia Online No Longer Operated By Barunson E&A

Team promises improved game service

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Astellia Online announced a change in management today. They will no longer be managed by Barunson E&A.

The news comes from a recent forum post by a Community Manager who wrote,

“To cut to the chase, we expect this change will improve our overall service. As a result of the recent transition, Barunson E&A will no longer be managing Astellia, and, instead, Studio 8, the development studio of Astellia and a new partner will be directly managing operations. This means it's now easier for the developers to communicate with the players and therefore expedite the bug fixes and various development processes.”

The post continued, promising players an improved service, with player data remaining in tact and unaffected. This may or may not be referencing the Steam launch earlier this year which was rocky to say the least.

The game was added to Steam as a DLC, and therefore players who had purchased the game on Steam noticed that they could no longer refund the game because DLC did not fall under Valve’s refund policy.


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