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Astellia March 30 Maintenance Bringing Changes to Miodan

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Upcoming maintenance and patch work for Astellia brings about some changes and updates to Miodan. Here are some details.

The patch is scheduled for March 30 at 12p PDT and is expected to last roughly four hours. Some of the updates in this patch revolve around Miodan. Specifically, Miodan’s monster difficulty has been tweaked somewhat. This means HP and attack power has been reduced for all monsters except environment monsters like Miodan Tarantula, Scorpion, Rofen, and more. Additionally, the respawn time for all monsters (except environment monsters) has also been reduced.

The daily quest rewards for Miodan have tweaked as well. This now means the Ascendium Crystal daily reward has been increased to 30, while its weekly reward has been increased to 300. The Miodan Ascendium Essence NPC shop has seen its prices adjusted as well.

The Year of the Ox event is starting on March 30 with the patch and will run through April 27. Additionally, you’ll be able to grab more rewards in dungeons once this maintenance completes. Expect dungeon gift boxes when you clear these dungeons. You can also grab these gift boxes through dungeon tickets.

You can check out the full notes here for the maintenance currently scheduled for March 30.


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