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Astellia Maintenance Will Bring an End to the Summer Event

Plus many other adjustments and changes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’ve been enjoying the Summer Event in Astellia, well, it’s coming to a close with the latest patch.

Midsummer Island will officially close with the scheduled maintenance taking place today. Here’s what will change for this event,

  • The Midsummer Island Teleport Manager will retire for the summer.
  • Finished quests can be completed by speaking with the Quest Completion NPC, but Astellians will not be able to accept new quests.
  • Event Token Merchant will reside in Meiville for a bit longer so players can redeem their Pearls.

Additionally, beach balls will no longer spawn, and all the merchant NPCs will no longer be found on the island. The patch also touches on tweaks to Avalon, Zender, in addition to Cash Products, improvements to game functions, and more.

Specific to Avalon, the team is enhancing the weapon and armor substantially,

  • Basic stats for the weapon/armor will change to that of +10 Legendary 2-Tier Equipment.
  • HP +100 option will be added to all equipment (+200 in total)
  • Runes still cannot be equipped.
  • There are no optional stat bonuses.

Additionally, faction tokens will be added to the Avalon Faction Quest Rewards,

  • Physe: Token of Verdure
  • Ceres: Token of Equilibrium
  • Eos: Token of Revenge* The above tokens will be added for each Faction Quest.


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