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Astellia Maintenance Today Brings Several Events

Maintenance runs for 4 hours

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Astellia’s maintenance today will bring about several events upon its conclusion.

First up, the maintenance will run from 12p – 4p PDT today. With it arrive two events. The first event is the Dungeon lucky bag event. During this event, you’ll find lucky bags which are dropped throughout dungeons. And what can you do with these lucky bags? Well, that’s for you to find out. But these bags can be exchanged for different items.

The second event is the Lunar New Year log in event. Logging in for the two weeks during this event will see you “rewarded.” As to what these rewards are, we’re not quite sure since the patch notes don’t specify.

Other things this maintenance brings include new armor skins in the cash shop, along with new packages if you’re interested. Finally, there’s a Gravel’s Monster update where you’ll find strong monsters appearing throughout the world. They’ll contain “fragments of star spirits” which can be traded for various items at merchants in Honduwaga and Meiville Village.


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