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Astellia Maintenance Patch Brings Bug Fixes and More

No info on server lag yet

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Maintenance for Astellia Online was scheduled for 12p PDT today, and brings with it the usual patch notes.

The maintenance is set to end at 4p PDT / 7p EDT. Note that during maintenance, you won’t have access to your account. Therefore, just be sure you’re logged out beforehand to avoid any potential issues. Patch notes for the maintenance include bug fixes such as:

  • Fixed an issue with Archer’s 'Falcon Arrow' skill resetting after using 'Rising Moon' skill
  • Fixed an issue with Atra Tonic's AP Recovery

Character skill improvements are also part of this maintenance, with these skills usable while on the move:

  • Warrior: Deafening Roar, Sonic Hook, Sprint and Flurry
  • Assassin: Targeted Strike, Shadow Pierce, Fan of Knives, Brutality, Stealth, Vanish, Shadow Walk, Shade Crush, Puncture and Shadow Curse
  • Mage: Blood Burn, Ice Field and Dash
  • Archer: Fine Sight Shot

The team has no information to shared regarding server lag at this time. When asked by a commenter, Community Manager CM Pisces shared,

“Unfortunately no breakthroughs yet As far as we've been informed, the developers are working on tackling the server lag first to see if there's any correlation with the skill lags, and have asked us to check the forums/ask users on Discord daily to see if there's any improvement.”

You can check out the full forum post regarding the maintenance schedule for today here.


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