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Astellia Headed to Steam on January 30

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Astellia is headed to Steam on January 30.

The game page on Steam is live now if you want to take a gander. The Steam version is set to feature the same content part of the base game. You’ll also be able to participate in the January events, including:

  • Dogavi Crescent Event which introduces an event dungeon (similar in theme to the Dogavi Night Market), allowing players to earn Shining Merchant Coins and Holy Order Symbols!
  • Taking Care of Pimpi Event: A Giant Spider Boss designed for a 12 person party has been added, allowing players to acquire a Legendary Treasure in exchange for helping Pimpi. 

More guild content is set to arrive, including a special guild arena where 64 players will face off. More news on this is set to trickle out over the next few weeks. Additionally, according to the press release, 2020 will see a new Astel champion, new dungeons, events, the addition of an Astel Equipment system, a new 12 player raid, and more.


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