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Astellia Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Multiple Events

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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You can take part in the one year anniversary of Astellia as a host of new events mark the celebration.

The Anniversary Ultimate Buff Event is live now until October 13. In this event, you can experience the following buffs: Character Experience Gain +15%, HP Recovery Rate +20%, MP Recovery Rate +20%, Drop Rate +10%.

The Anniversary and Thanksgiving Log-In Reward Event will run from September 28 through October 13. Basically, you’ll receive rewards after you’ve been logged in for a certain amount of time. For example, after 30 minutes, you’ll receive one token which can be traded for 5-star Miho, Miho Skin, Shining Moon Wings, or Random Gift Box through the Event NPC.

A dungeon event is set to run from September 28 through October 6. You’ll want to form a party of four players and run one of the dungeons below:

  •  Rutlass Den
  • Crimson Rock Valley
  • Hashmal Laboratory
  • Archduke Caleonid's Mansion
  • Macarzan Basin
  • Fortenora Underground Prison
  • Hall of Equality
  • Arau Cave
  • Lagash Underground Sanctum
  • Dimensional Library Basilia
  • Haveli Mansion
  • Ascender's Throne
  • Sansara Fortress
  • Temple of Blessings

Once you’ve completed it, take a screenshot of your cleared time with the names of your party members. Be sure to reply to the event thread with that screenshot. Only two DPS will be allowed per party. Prizes for the fastest clear time will be sent out October 7.

You can learn more about he anniversary celebrations here.


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