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Astellia And Astellia Royal Shuttered Early, Both Games Now Sunset

Closed Now, Though Supposed To Last Until October 29th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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So it looks like Astellia and Astellia Royal have shuttered early, as spotted by Connor over at MMO Fallout. The two MMOs were slated to sunset on October 29th, but it seems the switch got flipped early, as both games are unreachable now.

Astellia and Astellia Royal were both slated to sunset on October 29th, though no actual reason was ever given as to why both games would be shuttering. It's not hard to surmise, as the MMORPGs likely were not sustainable with lower player counts, with averages at the time of the announcement back in August hitting around 30 players a month. 

It seems that developers decided to pull the plug a little early, as MMO Fallout's Connor pointed out yesterday. As to why the servers were shuttered early, we also do not know that either, though the official Steam announcement was updated to reflect this change to give players a chance to say their last goodbyes to the world.

It's a sad, but predictable fate for the MMORPG, as Astellia never really did anything that set it apart from the countless other MMOs hitting Western shores. Our review called it aesthetically a beautiful game, but it never quite measured up to join the ranks of great MMOs out there thanks to the sheer monotony of the actual moment-to-moment content.

RIP Astellia


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