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Assassin's Creed Unity Artist's Work Could Assist Rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral

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After yesterday's devastating fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, officials are beginning to look into reconstruction efforts. One offer of help may come from an artist who worked on Assassin's Creed Unity. Caroline Miousse said several years ago that she spent over two years creating an intricate model of the cathedral, in fact over 80% of her development time was spent doing so. 

According to a 2014 article at The Verge, Miousse "spent literally years fussing over the details of the building. She pored over photos to get the architecture just right and worked with texture artists to make sure that each brick was as it should be. She even had historians help her figure out the exact paintings that were hanging on the walls."

Another artist, Andrew Tallon, spent a vast amount of time creating "detailed 3D maps of the landmark". He used laser scanners to create intricate maps of the entire structure. "Mounted on a tripod, the laser beam sweeps around the choir of a cathedral, for example, and measures the distance between the scanner and every point it hits. Each measurement is represented by a colored dot, which cumulatively create a three-dimensional image of the cathedral." said a National Geographic profile of the now-deceased Tallon's work.

It will remain to be seen if French officials take up Tallon's work or if Ubisoft offers its Assassin's Creed study, but it's nice to see that gaming may play a part in repairing this monument to human achievement and centerpiece of French culture.

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