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Ashvane Warden Addressed in World of Warcraft Hotfix

Plus Legion raids and dungeons tweaks

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest hotfix for World of Warcraft addresses Ashvane Warden and more.

Specifically, here’s the fix for the ground visual bug for Ashvane Warden:

  • The ground visual for Lockdown should remain visible when Projected Textures is disabled in the System Settings menu.

The hotfix also contains a couple of tweaks to Legion Raids and dungeons:

  • [With regional restarts] Legacy loot rules are now in place for Legion raids and dungeons.

There is a developers note as well, indicating any standard encounters will drop loot which is scaled by the number of players in that raid. This will then result in fewer pieces of loot for anyone who defeated any encounter either in smaller groups, or if you faced these encounters solo.

Additionally, keep in mind that in Legacy loot rules, a fixed quantity of class-agnostic loot will drop in raids and dungeons, irrespective of group size.


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